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Neurodiversity. ITAA/EATA webinar. 14 November at 15.00 UTC

Dear member,   We invite you to register for the next ITAA/EATA webinar which will be held on Sunday 14th November at 15.00 UTC. (2 hours) Bengaluru (India – Karnataka) 20:30:00 IST Berlin (Germany – Berlin) 16:00:00 CET London (United Kingdom) 15:00:00 GMT New York (USA – New York) 10:00:00 EST San Francisco (USA – California) 07:00:00 PST   Book your […]

Exciting announcement!! Free EATA Webinars

We are thrilled to announce that instead of having a conference this year, EATA is offering you six FREE webinars to attend ONLINE. Each event will have a theme (see below) and have three speakers who will talk on their subject for 15 minutes with 10 minutes questions or 25 minutes with questions included. At the end of the three […]

EATA Webinar – Living with Global Uncertainty – January 10, 2022

About this event This is the first of 6 events offered FREE to you by EATA during 2022 to substitute for EATA annual conference in 2022. Each event will have various short talks by members of our community and beyond as well as a chance to connect, reflect and discuss these topics with friends and colleagues. Each event will be […]

ITAA and EATA meeting/webinar

The ITAA and EATA would like to invite you to participate in the next online meeting/webinar with TA friends and colleagues throughout the world.  As ITAA and EATA increasingly work more collaboratively we as your presidents come to appreciate our shared values and aspiration to a common vision of unity through diversity and difference. Who and How am I in […]

EATA Webinar – New Theory – May 11, 2022

About this event Welcome to the 3rd in the series of free EATA 2 hour webinars, the subject this time will be New Theory and we are thrilled to welcome three esteemed speakers on this subject Charlotte Sills, Mil Rosseau, Linda Gregory. As usual each presenter will talk for approximately 25 minutes and then at the end we will have time […]

“Stepping Up Together: Where From and Where To?” 22 June

Dear EATA member,  Join us for the next ITAA/EATA webinar entitled “Stepping Up Together: Where From and Where To?” on 22 June at: UTC = 9.00 am,  UK (BST) = 10.00 am,  EUROPE (CEST) = 11.00 am “Stepping up” can mean a change in our current attitudes and behaviour, thinking, and feeling patterns. It means that there may be a need or options […]

ITAA/EATA Webinar – “Beneath the surface: unconscious processes in self and systems. A group relations approach”- Nov. 22, 2022

Dear members,  please join us for the next ITAA/EATA webinar on 22nd November entitled “Beneath the surface: unconscious processes in self and systems. A group relations approach” A characteristic of unconscious processes is their almost involuntarily “pull” towards a pattern or habitual way of doing and being. We may act upon assumptions that are left unexamined for their current relevance, take […]

Invitation for a worldwide webinar of EATA and ITAA – 12th February

Dear member,  We would like to invite you for another joint ITAA – EATA webinar with the following theme: The TA community can be seen as a Tribe.  Do you feel you belong? Are these your people? Or not? As with any community we can re-experience sibling and family relationship experiences around power and trust.   Every community has the […]

EATA Webinar. Neurodiversity. May 17th, 2023

Dear EATA members, This is the third of our free-Webinar series titled “Diversity” in 2023. We invite you to join us for a 90-minute exploration of the fascinating world of Neurodiversity. With the guidance of our three knowledgeable and experienced speakers, we will delve into the nuances of Neurodivergence, examining its perception, influence, and inclusion within our community and beyond. Historically, […]

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