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European Connection Committee (ECC)

The aim of ECC is:

  • To support National Associations to promote the TA theory, practice and education in the following four fields of Transactional Analysis: Psychotherapy, Organizational, Educational and Counselling
  • To connect associations needs with resources and competences
  • To assist in the creation of new country associations
  • To link national associations with EATA

We are working:

  • Project based
  • Contracted
  • Ethical and in support of EATA
  • Direct contact between ECC-member and association’s delegate
  • Regularly interacting with other committees

We support associations:

  • Getting new members
  • Having more certified members
  • Spreading TA in the country

Funding criteria

  • Type of costs (not more than 5000 euro pro project and not more than 60% of the total project costs)
  • Number of participants in project
  • Number of CTA, PTSTA/TSTA trainers in TA field of application (total in the country)
  • Quality of project
  • Countries without an association or with small ones (<25 members)
  • History of contract fullfilment / Money for advance
  • No funding of past projects

Type of costs founded:

  • Venue and/or catering
  • Trainers fee up to 250 euro per trainer per day
  • Travelling costs 100% of trainers
  • Special costs

* marketing and advertising are not funded

ECC Members

Elina Belyayeva

ECC Chair

Regina Nemeth

elected ECC-Chair

Nebojsa Zizic

ECC member

Sara Foschi

ECC member

Indira Dildabayeva

ECC member

Dali Bregvadze

ECC member

Mike Kercher

ECC member

Izabella Bobrowska

ECC member

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