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European Connection Committee (ECC)


The aim of ECC is:

  • To help National Associations to promote the TA theory, practice and education in the following four fields of Transactional Analysis: Psychotherapy, Organizational, Educational and Counselling
  • To support countries where there are few or no trainers in different fields of TA.


The ECC tasks include assessing and coordinating the training needs of associations in the following areas:

  • Starting 101 courses
  • Develop and conduct training in different areas
  • Support to ongoing training programs
  • Organizing summer schools
  • Manage application for funding for training.

Funding criteria

ECC’s criteria for funding is based on the following: cost of training, number of participants in training, number of PTSTA/TSTAs trainers, average income, new TA fields, what kind of ongoing training is already being offered and what are the needs of the association to further develop TA.

How to apply

The application for a project proposal is launched before the annual EATA Council. ECC sends an email calling for the training plans for the coming year.

Evaluate the training needs. If no qualified trainers are available in the country the National Association can asks EATA for financial support to invite an international trainer. If there are trainers in the country but the association needs a specific competence, then this can be requested.

The Project proposal shall include:

  • Cost of training
  • Number of participants in training
  • Number of PTSTA/TSTAs trainers (total in the country)
  • A summary of the reason for making the request and what is to be achieved by the training.

ECC assesses the application, checking each for:

  • Consistency with ECC criteria
  • Correct information re the number of training programs’ participants
  • Availability of trainers’ contracts
  • Overall progress with the long-term/ongoing training programs.

ECC makes the decision, forms the budget for the coming year and then presents it to the EATA Council.

In case EATA Council approves the budget, during the upcoming year of the program implementation (once the training events are held and if the requirements are met), 50% of trainers’ travel cost can be claimed for reimbursement by the EATA office.

The claim should include

  1. a brief description of the event including date, name/topic, hours, number of participants
  2. photocopies of all supportive financial documents (tickets, invoices, receipt, cheques, etc.)
  3. completed EATA reimbursement form.

The support from EATA allows the members of affiliated organizations to experience a sense of belonging to the TA European family. Often in many organizations, this support is the key factor for their existence (for example the educational program and trainings). This support is important for those countries in which there are no CTA, and more about PTSTA and TSTA, and makes financial conditions more affordable for the members of associations.

Elina Belyayeva

ECC Chair

Nebojsa Zizic

ECC member

Sara Foschi

ECC member

Olivier Montadat

ECC member

Indira Dildabayeva

ECC member

Dali Bregvadze

ECC member

Regina Nemeth

ECC member

Mike Kercher

ECC member

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