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Commission Of Certifications (COC)

The Commission of Certifications is the EATA competence centre for all exams.

In close cooperation with PTSC (interconnected committee), we manage the requirements and processes regarding all EATA exams defined in the handbook and understand ourselves as responsible for the quality of all TA exams. We promote a culture of mutuality, taking time for contact, discussions and professional decision processes and honour an eye-level co-creative approach.

Our core competencies and responsibilities are:

  • to cooperate together with PTSC as an interconnected committee within EATA working closely with EC and other committees
  • to offer clear communication towards our partners in EC and PTSC, ensuring good information flows
  • to facilitate all exam processes in all EATA-affiliated associations
  • to qualify and support all responsible persons, mainly markers and examiners
  • to manage the communication with all parties and roles involved in exam processes
  • to administer, manage and facilitate appeal processes following ethical standards
  • to continually learn from exam experiences and share our findings in order to increase the quality of EATA exam processes

Thus, we ensure high standards in all relevant exam processes and contribute to a positive, ethical and encouraging exam culture in all EATA countries.”

Christoph Seidenfus

COC chair


Patrizia Vinella

supervising examiner


Valérie Cionca

COC member


Mayke Wagner-Froböse

COC member


Bernard Gentelet

COC member


Tin Vanderhoeven

COC member


Nikki Millard

coc member


Alina Comendant

exam administrator


Cathy McQuaid

PTSC Chair

United Kingdom

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