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EATA Medals


Every member or association can do the nomination.

There are two types of medals which EATA can use to express appreciation to their members:


  •  Recognition for long standing and outstanding services for EATA and/or to TA or the TA community in Europe
  •  Not to be offered to an active officer


  • Recognition for work and action for a special and successful project within TA and/or the TA community in Europe
  • Expression of thanks for action and work for special EATA events (for example TEW staff, Organization of Congresses)

The nomination should contain:

  • Name and professional area of the person who is proposed to be nominated
  •  A short description of the services she or he renders to EATA and/or TA and/or to TA community in Europe.
    Guiding questions:
    What exactly was/is the person doing?
    What was/is the impact of the person’s work?
    Are there articles/publications about the person’s contribution available? If yes, please name it.
  • Name, address and phone number of the person doing the nomination.
  • Name, address and phone number of a person for reference.
  •  No more than max. 2 pages
  • written in English and
  • sent in PDF format to the General Secretary by the deadline of 31st of January of the calendar year.
  • Maximum 2 gold medals per year.
  • Feedback by the General Secretary will be provided after decision to the person doing the nomination. CC Chair is informed before the Gala Dinner in order to prepare necessary steps for communication (webpage, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Winning nominees will be invited to the Gala Dinner (usually on the 2nd evening of the upcoming Conference) by the EATA President. Their travel and accommodation costs will be covered by EATA.


Marco Mazzetti2020
Sue Eusden2019
Jean-Pierre Quazza2018
Dmitri Shustov2018
Trudi Newton2017
Bill Cornell2015
Barbara Classen2014
Resi Tosi2013
Julie Hay2012
Richard Erskine2011
Concepcion de Diego2011
Fanita English2010
Adrienne Lee2010
Matthias Sell2009
Charlotte Sills2007
Isabelle Crespelle2007
Roland Johnsson2006
Annika Björk2006
Jan Hennig2005
Alice Stevenson2003
Pio Scilligo2002
Carlo Moiso2002
Mary Cox2000
Leonhard Schlegel1999
Margaret Turpin1999
Ian Stewart1998
Nelly Micholt1997


Liesl and Norbert Berggold2020
Nada Zanko2019
Leilani Mitchell2016
Mark Widdowson2014
Nevenka Miljkovic2013
Ferite Invisibili2013 (social project)
Stop and Go2013 (social project)
Josip Berger2004
Thomas Ohlsson2003
Susannah Temple2003
Hedi Bretscher2000
Ute Hagehűlsmann2000
John Parr1998
Gordon Hewitt1998


Sylvie Monin2018

EATA Awards for Authors

EATA Award for Authors
Dr. Bernd Schmid1987
Dr. Petruska Clarkson1990

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