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  • “Stepping Up Together: Where From and Where To?” 22 June

Dear EATA member, 

Join us for the next ITAA/EATA webinar entitled

Stepping Up Together: Where From and Where To?”

on 22 June at:

UTC = 9.00 am, 

UK (BST) = 10.00 am, 

EUROPE (CEST) = 11.00 am

“Stepping up” can mean a change in our current attitudes and behaviour, thinking, and feeling patterns. It means that there may be a need or options for development that we can face and subsequent tasks that arise.

Peter Rudolph, EATA President, will lead this webinar. He invites us to explore with him the unseen roots of transactional analysis, a theory that was started as a White man’s idea in the 1960s and 1970s. What are the gifts and what are burdens of our approach? What are the challenges and demands that a society nowadays places on us? There is so much in our world that needs attention and creative thinking: migration, global social justice, climate change. The question is, “What do you want to change today?” But is this still a fitting question in these times?

As we consider TA today—where we are from and where we are going—we will discuss these themes and more. We might also consider the question “Is TA theory helpful in understanding the current crises the world is facing? How do we account for different truths and different perspectives while not condoning violence and aggression?”

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

EATA & ITAA Webinar Committee


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