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Professional Training Standards Committee (PTSC)

PTSC is the committee that decides and reviews the criteria and requirements for training for CTA, TEW, CTA-TS and TSTA levels of qualification in all four fields.

PTSC is responsible for ensuring that TA training and examinations reach a required educational and professional standard. Elements considered to be necessary in the development of an effective practitioner, trainer and supervisor are included. These key factors include such areas as: theory; skills; awareness of, and accountability for, diversity; professional practice; personal development and so on.

PTSC works in collaboration and cooperation with the Commission of Certification (COC) which manages everything to do with the examination process. The two committees work interconnectedly, each influencing the work of the other. 

The day-to-day work of PTSC includes addressing individual or national issues that require a personalised response or exception, including contract queries and expansions. They also manage a small budget for bursaries for translation for the TPO for the TEW. 

PTSC aims to work within TAs philosophy, embracing respect for difference and individual needs, including diversity, inclusivity, equity, accessibility, and sustainability. 

PTSC works alongside and in cooperation with the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) of the ITAA, with whom we have mutual recognition of training and qualification. The aim is to maintain a world-wide standard of training and certification that both upholds levels of excellence and is also enriched by different cultural perspectives. 

Cathy McQuaid

PTSC Chair

Mara Scoliere

PTSC Member

Christoph Seidenfus

COC Chair

Eva Acs

PTSC officer for exceptions and expansions

Simonetta Caldarone

ptsc member

Bev Gibbons

ptsc member

Alan Jones

ptsc member

Patrick Odendaal

ptsc member


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PTSC Newsletter November 2023


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