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EATA Council Delegates

To realize and to work as a voluntary organization, EATA works with Delegates and officers in a Council. They come from all the countries where EATA has affiliated associations. They discuss and decide on EATA’s policy, strategical development, budget, projects and so on. Delegates work in committees that do the operative and strategic work in certain areas, for example communication, research and TA development or professional training standards. They participate in task-forces that work on specific, time-bound projects. And once a year, Council comes together to work for three days, somewhere in Europe.


Kristyna Tomanova ​​

Kristýna Tomanová is a delegate to EATA for Czech Association for Transactional Analysis (CATA). She is also a member of the board of CATA. She is a private coach and counsellor and is now a member of EATA Communications commitee.

Elena Soboleva  ​​

I am from Saint-Petersburg it located to the West-Noth of Russia. It is also very known as the second capital of Russia. I am a psychologist in a prived practice. I fell in love with TA in the last century and it continues to this day.  I do workshops and supervision, my professional interest in modern TA, particularly Co-creative TA. I have already been a delegate from my country in the EATA Council, it is my second time.

Nicole Lenner ​​

My first contact with TA was in 2002, a love at first sight experience. TA-training for me was a divers journey and a stable compagnion through some life incidents and a rather intense inner developmental process. I did my CTA exam in 2014, followed by TEW at Santiago de Compostela in 2016, now (2021) heading towards TSTA exam.
As EATA delegate for DGTA I am enthusiastic about building bridges between the two associations and contributing to the quality of our exam processes and communication between colleagues throughout Europe and the world. I feel that walking the talk with regard to our ethical principles is more then ever needed in the volatile, often hostile and endangered world we live in.

Mayke_Wagner-Froboese  ​​

My TA journey started in 2001, when I did my 101 and decided to join a TA training group in the organizational field. In my role as consultant / facilitator for team and organizational development processes, TA was and is a helpful base. I passed my CTA in 2008, took part in a TEW in 2010 and passed my TSTA exam in 2016/17. From 2014 to 2018 I organised the EATA exams in Rösrath as Local Exam Supervisor. I enjoyed creating and maintaining a framework for stimulating examination processes – both for the candidates and the examiners. Therefore, I joined COC after I was elected as EATA delegate for Germany – contributing my LES experience and my enthusiasm for high-quality exams.

Ritva Piiroinen  ​​

Ritva is a delegate to EATA for Finnish Association for Transactional Analysis, FinTA. She is also a member of the board of FinTA.
Ritva is a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst on Psychotherapy field. She lives in Helsinki, Finland and is working in private practice as a psychotherapist. She runs also a TA training program in Finland in her TA Institute.
Ritva is a member of the Executive Committee (EC) and a Vice President of EATA.

Simonetta Caldarone

TSTA-P, psychologist and psychotherapist. Simonetta works in a private practice in Rome. Member of TA Theory Development and TA Research Committee. Teacher and Supervisor at the TA School in Rome. Special educational needs teacher working at the high school level for young people with emotive, cognitive, sensorial and psychomotor disabilities.

Mara Scoliere

Michael Kercher  ​

Valérie Cionca  ​

I started TA in 2006 wanting to achieve 3 goals: understand my personality, my role as a mum and how to have impact with less energy in organizations. In the meantime, I learned a lot about myself, relationships, systems and use TA concepts linked to other approaches and my experience in my role as consultant in personal and organizational development. I passed my CTA exam in November 2014 and I’m PTSTA-O since August 2018. I also co-lead a TA-O Institute with Madeleine Laugeri in Switzerland near Geneva.

Sara Foschi   ​

CTA-P. Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
Member of the European Connection Committee (ECC)

Bernard Gentelet   ​

I am married and father of 4 children (4 boys!).
I live in the Estern part of France (near Switzerland) where I have been working as a freelancer in my psychotherapy practice for about twenty years.
I practice psychotherapy mainly in groups but also individually as well as with couples.
I work in this practice also as a supervisor (PTSTA-P) of about 12 supervisees in group and individual supervision.
My involvement in TA has always been mainly European, even international.
I have been a member of IFAT (French TA association) , and therefore of EATA, for about twenty years as well as of USATAA (USA TA Association) and ITAA .
Since my beginnings, I have always had a European and international vision of TA and therefore spent my CTA in Oslo after having been trained, among other things and for several years, at the Berne Institute (Nottingham) with Ian Stewart and Mark Widowson.
I passed the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (CEP) .
I obtained my Master 2 in psychotherapy at the University of Middlesex (London) and did my TEW in Spain.

FRANCE | IFAT | Olivier Montadat  ​

I’m one of the two French delegates. I live near Paris where I run a TA School named A.T.d.o. (TA for Organizational Development). In addition to TA, I run an independent consulting firm specializing in change management, professional coaching and management training.

I have been in TA for now more than 20 years. I passed my CTA-O in 2009 in Lyon (France) and the TEW in 2011 in Roma. I’m now ready to take my TSTA exam.

I have been chosen as one the two French delegates in June 2021and I have joined the ECC (European Connection Committee).

And when I’m not working, I like to travel and I practice cycling intensely.

Nadica Kostoska

Eva van der Randen

Certified Transactional Analyst under contract, working in private practice in Lisbon and online internationally, and is offering retreat programs with TA in Portugal. After emigrating from the Netherlands to Portugal, currently establishing the first TA association in Portugal. She also works as an organisational consultant and trainer in businesses, the technical, financial and healthcare sectors. Her formative working experience was in leadership roles in innovative network collaborations. She has a background in Vedic lifestyle. Passionate advocate for both TA and the Netherlands’s involvement in Europe and she is privileged to be one of the Netherlands representatives to EATA, where she also plays a role on the CC Committee.

Patrick Odendaal

Patrick Odendaal is PTSTA in the field of Organisations. 

His TA journey started in 2005, which he continued in 2009 with the multi-year course in Transactional Analysis. Since 2005 he works as a consultant. First for a large consultancy company, and from 2010 as an independent professional. As a consultant he works for many organizations within the Central government, at municipalities and in the care and welfare sector. Both in supporting the development of the structure, as well as to guide change processes and to create more sense of cooperation within teams. Thanks to his knowledge of TA, Patrick obtained resources to contribute to the development of the culture side of the organization in addition to the structure. 

Patrick is co-founder of the Dutch TA institute. He trains leaders and workers to become more efficient in communication and become more aware of their inner processes to improve their feelings of happiness and enjoyment. 

Tin Vanderhoeven 

Tin (PTSTA-O) works as an independent educator, supervisor, business coach and organizational consultant for national and international groups and organizations. She started her career in Human Resources and has been active as a trainer/coach since 1998. In 2006 Tin founded Kresko, her own organizational consultancy business in Belgium. Professionally she integrates different methods and applications in her services while using Transactional Analysis as a powerful foundation. For her, TA is an important key to unlock people’s potential within the framework of co-creative and mutual relationships. With her intuitive and enthusiastic style, she delivers her services in Dutch, English and French.
Tin is currently President of the board of the Flemish TA-association VITA and an editorial member of the Dutch TA magazine. Tin is a member of EATA (VITA and NVTA), ITAA and IDTA and looks forward in her new EATA delegate-role to bring EATA closer to both local TA-associations in Belgium (VITA and ASSOBAT).


Freelance trainer and business coach, working in educational TA field
Committee: CC – Communications Committee

Tanja Krist

Sezgin Bekir  

Sezgin Bekir, PhD is a Assistant proffesor in the Institute for Population and Human Studies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Areas of interest are personality psychology, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, transactional analysis, organizational and career development.

Izabella Bobrowska  ​

Frank Orsolya ​​

UKRAINE | UATA | Iryna Tepalenko ​​

Svetlana Koval   ​​

Sorina Vrană  ​​

Aleksandra Duric  

Regina Nemeth 

Deniz Güney ​​

Deniz is a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). She is running her private practice as a psychotherapist in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Her approach is centred on Relational Transactional Analysis but she also blends a variety of other approaches according to the needs of her clients and the progression of the therapeutic process. 

Deniz is a board member of ATAD, the Eurasia Transactional Analysis Association. She is also a member of EATA’s Communications Committee. 

ARMENIA | AATA | Gohar Levonyan ​​

SERBIA | SATA | Ivan Andelkovic ​​

Dali Bregvadze   ​​

Elina Belyayeva  ​​

KYRGYZSTAN | APTAK | Indira Dildabayeva ​​


Not designated yet  ​​

Not designated yet  ​​

Anette Johansson ​​

Anette is a board member of the Swedish Transactional Association, STAF and a member of Communication committee.
She lives in Gothenburg on the west coast in Sweden where she also has a private practice as a TA psychotherapist.

36 EATA delegates | 28 European Countries. Click on the icon to see delegate info.

Bev Gibbons ​​

Alan Jones  ​​

EATA Council Delegates

EATA COUNCIL has 36 EATA delegates, from 28 European Countries.

PhotoDelegate NameCountryAssociation
Andjelkovic IvanSerbiaSATA
Bekir Sezgin MumunBulgariaBATA
Belyayeva ElinaKazakhstanTADO
Bobrowska IzabellaPolandPTAT
Bregvadze DaliGeorgiaTADO
Caldarone SimonettaItalySIMPAT
Cionca ValerieSwitzerlandASAT-SGTA
Dildabayeva IndiraKyrgystanAPTAK
Djuric AleksandraSerbiaTAUS
Foschi SaraSpainATA
Frank OrsolyaHungaryHATA
Gentelet BernardFranceIFAT
Gibbons BevUkUKATA
Güney DenizTurkeyATAD
Johansson AnetteSwedenSTAF
Jones AlanUkUKATA
Kercher MichaelSwitzerlandASAT-SGTA
Kostoska NadicaMacedoniaMATA
Koval SvetlanaUkraineUSTA
Krist TanjaSloveniaSLOVENTA
Lenner NicoleGermanyDGTA
Levonyan GoharArmeniaAATA
Montadat OlivierFranceIFAT
Nemeth ReginaAustriaÖGTA
Odendaal PatrickNetherlandsNVTA
Piiroinen RitvaFinlandFINTA
Scoliere Maria InnocenzaItalyIRPIR (SIAT)
Soboleva ElenaRussiaSITA
Tepalenko IrynaUkraineUATA
Tomanová KristýnaCzech RepublicCATA
Van der Randen EvaNetherlandsNVTA
Vanderhoeven KristienBelgiumVITA
Vidjak Ana-MarijaCroatiaUTA
Vrana SorinaRomaniaARAT
Wagner-Froböse MaykeGermanyDGTA
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