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  • EATA Webinar – Living with Global Uncertainty – January 10, 2022

About this event

This is the first of 6 events offered FREE to you by EATA during 2022 to substitute for EATA annual conference in 2022.

Each event will have various short talks by members of our community and beyond as well as a chance to connect, reflect and discuss these topics with friends and colleagues. Each event will be 2 hours in total with short talks and breakout rooms within that time.

We are very excited to have three highly esteemed presenters at this first event who will share their thoughts on the subject with us, Ulrika Widen, Elena Soboleva and Bill Cornell.


18.00 – 20.00 GMT

19.00- 21.00 CET

20.00- 22.00 EET

21.00 – 23.00 FET
You find all further details via the above named link.
We are looking forward to seeing you in January 2022!


EATA organization team


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