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  • Invitation for a worldwide webinar of EATA and ITAA – 12th February

Dear member, 

We would like to invite you for another joint ITAA – EATA webinar with the following theme:

The TA community can be seen as a Tribe.  Do you feel you belong? Are these your people? Or not?

As with any community we can re-experience sibling and family relationship experiences around power and trust.  

Every community has the potential for good and can also inadvertently create harm if we re-enact the past.  

Join us to explore these issues with a focus on welcoming all people to belong and experience our community as a force for good in the world.

Date: 12th Feb 6 pm – 8 pm UK time

Register through: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/eataitaa-webinar-ta-community-as-a-tribe-invite-to-share-your-views-tickets-136467958337

Or clicking at the button:

and we will email you a link to the zoom meeting nearer the time.  

We look forward to an enriching encounter with you all.   


ITAA – EATA Webinar Team

Elana Leigh, President ITAA

Peter Rudolph, President EATA

Deepak Dhananjaya 

Leilani Mitchell

Steff Oates

Kristýna Tomanová


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