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Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition EATA and ITAA recognise each other’s system of training and certification and will do so respectfully, in the spirit of trust and appreciation for differences in approach.  This means that we regard both systems as being equivalent, whilst recognising that they are not the same, nor need to be.  Following the recent […]

DEAR MEMBERS OF EATA, Tuesday, 31.1.2023 our first “president meets members” zoom meeting took place. We greeted 145 colleagues representing different groups and countries. The topic was to respond to any questions, comments and feedback concerning the revised handbook. This included emails previously received responding to the revised handbook. EATA/PTSC were given feedback and comments regarding the process of the revision […]

New EC liaison persons for delegates and countries Liaison persons for committees: Sylvia Schachner: Ethics advisor; PTSC and COC until March 2023 Aleksandra Djuric: TDRC Elena Soboleva: ECC Nicole Lenner: CC Liaison persons for countries:  Aleksandra Djuric: Russia, Kyrgysztan, Kasachstan, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Georgia Elena Soboleva: Armenia, Bosnia, Germany, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Ritva Piiroinen: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Belgium, The […]

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