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European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)

Schnirchgasse 9a/4/410
A-1030 Wien

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EAP Statements / Guidelines
European certificate for psychotherapy
European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute
Psychotherapy in various countries
European certificate for psychotherapy 
More informations: Ivana Slavkovic, EAP Registrar, please contact with: iv.slavkovic@gmail.com

European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute
More informations: Renner Daniela, please contact with: eap.admin@europsyche.org

Marina Banic

EAP representative

Marina Banic was for ten years President of Serbian association for Transactional analysis SATA, and delegate of SATA in EATA. She was chairing ECC–European connection committee of EATA, and she was member of COC committee. Now she represents EATA in European Association for Psychotherapy. 

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