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The ITAA and EATA would like to invite you to participate in the next online meeting/webinar with TA friends and colleagues throughout the world. 

As ITAA and EATA increasingly work more collaboratively we as your presidents come to appreciate our shared values and aspiration to a common vision of unity through diversity and difference.

Who and How am I in the International Community is the title of this webinar where we hope to explore thoughts and questions about your individual and collective attachment to international identity. 

Together the ITAA and EATA would like to provide an online space for members to meet and talk. 

This two- hour meeting will be held on Friday, 30th of October with a maximum of 100 participants, timings will be: 

09.00 am – 11.00 am Berlin time

12.30 pm – 02.30 pm Indian time

05.00 pm – 07.00 pm Sydney time

08.00 am – 10.00 am United Kingdom time


You can book your place clicking in the button, and we will email you a link to the zoom meeting nearer the time.

We look forward to an enriching encounter with you all. 

Warm regards,

Elana Leigh, President ITAA

Peter Rudolph, President EATA

Deepak Dhananjaya 

Leilani Mitchell

Steff Oates

Kristýna Tomanová



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