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President’s note regarding the finalization of an organisational complaint process in the context of the publication of the revised handbook – September 2023

In the context of the publication of the revised handbook 2022/23,

Relevant, controversial, and at times very polarizing and emotional discussions have been conducted in diverse meetings with differing groups of colleagues.

As one consequence an organisational complaint was submitted to the EATA Ethics Advisor by five TSTAs from different countries.

The process of the organisational complaint is now closed and with this statement I (Sylvia Schachner, EATA President), on behalf of the Executive Committee, will present information about the process of  organisational complaints in general. I then go on to provide  a summary of the recommendations given in the report concerning this  complaint.

The report itself will be made available in full by Robin Hobbes (EATA Ethics Advisor) on request. Please email: ethics-advisor@eatanews.org requesting a copy if you so require.

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