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New EC liaison persons for delegates and countries

Liaison persons for committees:

Sylvia Schachner: Ethics advisor; PTSC and COC until March 2023

Aleksandra Djuric: TDRC

Elena Soboleva: ECC

Nicole Lenner: CC

Liaison persons for countries:

 Aleksandra Djuric: Russia, Kyrgysztan, Kasachstan, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Georgia

Elena Soboleva: Armenia, Bosnia, Germany, Romania, France, Bulgaria,

Ritva Piiroinen: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech. Republik, Italy

Nicole Lenner: Sweden, UK; Serbia, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland

Webinars 2023

EATA webinars have been a good success in 2022 and will be continued in 2023. Many thanks to Leilani Mitchell for her organizing and hosting the webinars!

Regional conferences will be supported in 2023

To enhance exchange among TA professionals across borders, EATA will support the organization of conferences that are held by at least 2 countries together. So called regional conferences can run over 1-3 days, live or online.

The project will be outlined by EATA treasurer Anna Krieb, interested associations can apply to ECC for financial support

Increase of bursary budget

To enable more potential TA trainees, for whom their financial situation wouldn’t allow them to enroll in a training program, EATA will increase the budget for bursaries.

Podcast “3 people in your head”

EATA and ITAA together signed a contract of ownership of the podcast 3 people in your head: 3 People in Your Head (link). Please spread word about the podcast.

EATA medals

EC is accepting nominations of potential recipients of gold and silver medals by 31.01.2023. Please see EATA webpage for information about content and formal criteria for your nomination: EATA Medals – EATA (eatanews.org). EC will decide who is going to be awarded.

Composition of committees

EC discussed decided on some criterias in the composition of committees. This is to support the goal that committees have an equal number and diversity of members.

An EATA committee

  • has a minimum number of 3 members who can vote (delegates)
  • has a maximum number of 8 members
  • can co-opt a maximum of 2 additional members for special tasks/projects
  • chairpersons should invite diversity when putting their committees together.
  • the chairpersons of ECC and CC can be someone who is not a delegate – similar to the chairs of PTSC and COC. Applicants who are (former) Council members are welcomed. Applicants shouldbe familiar with EATA structure and processes.

New Committee for social engagement planned

We live in a difficult world, where the climate change, wars, unjustice are daily news. We see the need for us as TA community to define what responsibility, power and options we as EATA have to address and speak about those topics from a TA perspective.

EC is planning to install a new committee that will be dealing with these important questions. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this.

President / Executive Committee meets EATA members

One aim of Sylvia Schachner in her presidency is to enhance the connection between EATA and the members of EATA’s associations and to communicate more about the work EATA in general and specifically EC is doing.

From 2023 on EC will invite members regularly to conversations on zoom.

The first meeting is an invitation to discuss and ask questions about the updated training and examination handbook. It will be held on January 31st, 18:30-20:00 CET; the zoom-link will be published in January.

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