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President’s notes December 2022

Dear trainers, dear members of EATA We are pleased to inform you that the revised training and examination handbook is now published on https://eatanews.org/ta-training-2/#handbook Handbook 2022 Many thanks to PTSC for their intensive and thorough work. Please read and familiarize yourselves with the amendments. In order to enhance a constructive dialogue with trainers and members , we as Executive Committee […]

Summary of EC meeting November 2022

New EC liaison persons for delegates and countries Liaison persons for committees: Sylvia Schachner: Ethics advisor; PTSC and COC until March 2023 Aleksandra Djuric: TDRC Elena Soboleva: ECC Nicole Lenner: CC Liaison persons for countries:  Aleksandra Djuric: Russia, Kyrgysztan, Kasachstan, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Georgia Elena Soboleva: Armenia, Bosnia, Germany, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Ritva Piiroinen: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Belgium, The […]

EATA together

Dear colleagues, EATA is happy to announce to you the launch of a new project of the Communication Committee #EATA_together. It aims to increase the visibility of national associations among all EATA members. We asked the Delegates and Presidents to tell us some information about their associations so that we know more about the traditions and the history of European associations. Each of the […]

June 19. EATA/ITAA Webinar. OKness and the Paradox of Change with Matthew Elton

Dear members, EATA/ITAA webinar committee cordially invites you to another joint webinar entitled: OKness and the Paradox of Change with Matthew Elton Clients, learners, and organizations, in coming to TA professionals for help, often believe that they are “broken” or do not deserve to flourish. And as TA professionals, we can sometimes unwittingly send or reinforce that message—that yes, they […]

Invitation to Bid on the 2025 TA World Conference

With great pleasure, the combined associations of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) invite your association to bid on hosting the 2025 TA World Conference, which is to be held as usual in July-August. ITAA and EATA had first hoped to hold a World conference in 2024, but the time frame unfortunately […]

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition EATA and ITAA recognise each other’s system of training and certification and will do so respectfully, in the spirit of trust and appreciation for differences in approach.  This means that we regard both systems as being equivalent, whilst recognising that they are not the same, nor need to be.  Following the recent […]

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