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EATA Together. Visibility of associations

EATA together

EATA Together. Visibility of national associations Dear colleagues, EATA is happy to announce to you the launch of a new project of the Communication Committee #EATA_together. It aims to increase the visibility of national associations among all EATA members. We asked the Delegates and Presidents to tell us some information about their associations so that we know more about the traditions and the […]

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition EATA and ITAA recognise each other’s system of training and certification and will do so respectfully, in the spirit of trust and appreciation for differences in approach.  This means that we regard both systems as being equivalent, whilst recognising that they are not the same, nor need to be.  Following the recent […]

XVI Seminar of Lavarone 2024. There are Children and children. August 30-31, 2024

This year’s seminar follows and interweaves two threads united by the word CHILD. The first focuses on a concept dear to any transactional analyst: the Child Ego State. The second direction of reflection concerns what we feel, think and act with the children and families we meet in our clinical practices, classrooms or educational environments in general. The event will […]

2025 World TA Conference – Exploring Legacy, Legitimacy, and Identity – 8/10 Aug. 2025 – Montpellier

Dear Colleagues, The theme of the coming 2025 World TA Conference is: “Exploring Legacy, Legitimacy, and Identity: Transactional Analysis in a Changing World”. Date: 8 – 10 August 2025, Montpellier, France In an ever-evolving world, the concepts of legacy, legitimacy, and identity hold immense significance in shaping our individual and collective experiences. More information about conference theme is available here: […]

EATA Webinar Series 2024. TA-Best Practice. October 24

We have three sections to this webinar with six speakers in total Massimo Vasale, Elzbieta Baca and Davide Ceridono will speak first, followed by Anna Krieb and then Andy Williams. This event will be translated into Russian, German, French, Italian, Georgian, Ukrainian and English where necessary and will not be recorded. A SELF-REPORT QUESTIONNAIRE TO MEASURE INJUNCTIONS AND DRIVERS- Massimo […]

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