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EATA together

Dear colleagues, EATA is happy to announce to you the launch of a new project of the Communication Committee #EATA_together. It aims to increase the visibility of national associations among all EATA members. We asked the Delegates and Presidents to tell us some information about their associations so that we know more about the traditions and the history of European associations. Each of the […]

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition

Joint Statement of EATA and ITAA:  Mutual Recognition EATA and ITAA recognise each other’s system of training and certification and will do so respectfully, in the spirit of trust and appreciation for differences in approach.  This means that we regard both systems as being equivalent, whilst recognising that they are not the same, nor need to be.  Following the recent […]

Annual Council Meeting, Dublin: 1st – 3rd July 2023

The EATA Annual Council Meeting was held in Dublin over three full days from the 1st to the 3rd of July. As always, it was great to meet up again after a year apart and the beautiful seaside town of Malahide, Dublin provided the perfect backdrop to the event. The three days were taken up with delegates from all over Europe […]

EATA Executive Committee Outreach Program

The European Association for Transactional Analysis invites to the Outreach Program in Lisbon. TA in Action: Resilience and inspiration in life   Date: November 6th 2023,  Lisbon, Portugal  Location: Nextart – Rua da Vitória 73, 2º  – 1100-618 Lisboa – Portugal Aim: The objective is to familiarize people with the European Association for Transactional Analysis and to explore some aspects of TA […]

EATA Webinar Series 2024, TA- Best Practice – 5 March

This event will be focused on working with children and teachers, we have three interesting speakers who are passionate about their subject This webinar will cover three interconnected topics related to working with children and adolescents. Alina Comendant will present her ideas about “Interventions of strengthening the Child ego state when working with children”- that she reached as conclusions after […]

EATA/ITAA – Working Together webinar – The power of potency and the potency of power. Nicole Lenner. 10 Jun 2024

Shortly before my TSTA exam in 2023, a friend of mine, who isn’t involved in TA said:
“Oh, so you will be among the very powerful people in your community afterwards!?”
My very spontaneous reaction: “No, I don’t see it this way.”
And she replied: “People on top of hierarchical systems own power whether they like it or not.” Do you also catch […]

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