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Meet NVTA – Netherlands

Hi there! We are NVTA, the Dutch Association for TA. Our board has seven members. We want our association to be a lively marketplace where great meetings take place and where there is always something surprising to discover. Characteristic of the NVTA are the “active workshops” (AW), organized a few times a year by members on a specific topic. As […]

Meet PTAT – Poland

We are a Polish association that was founded in 1994, shortly after the fall of communism in our country, when professional psychotherapy in Poland was just developing. The beginnings were not easy, there came a point when our association began to die out, until 2009, when it was reactivated. Another important moment for us was in 2016, when we received […]

Meet UATA – Ukraine

Hello. We are the Ukrainian Association for TA (UATA), which has been developing in Ukraine for 25 years. During this time, we have met many challenges and achieved victories. We are especially proud of: 2019 EATA Conference. It was the first conference and the first exams in the post-Soviet Union space. Every year our association holds an All-Ukrainian conference. Other […]

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