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Greetings to everyone from the heart of Europe from ČATA (Czech Association of Transactional Analysis).

We are a small professional organization that primarily brings together TA enthusiasts. We were founded in 1994, just 5 years after the fall of communism in our country. Since then we have celebrated many successes. We hosted the EATA conference in 2010 in Prague, in cooperation with foreign lecturers we were able to achieve the certification of 6 members in the field of psychotherapy, counseling and education, we have two TSTAs and 4 PTSTAs and 1 CTA, we organized 2 national conferences where more than half of our membership came , we organized 2 summer schools, we managed to create a functioning system of education in TA and we managed to create and implement one university research program dealing with the impact of TA in schools.

We are a very small organization (we have 86 members) and we are still struggling with the cultural script that we have been carrying from the communist era, but thanks to TA we manage to fight the difficulties. We are very happy and appreciate the possibility of international cooperation within the framework of EATA, because without such cooperation we would not be able to be where we are now. Thank you EATA.

We are passing the baton to Georgia!

Visit our web ta-cata.cz

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