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APTAC – Association of Transactional Analysis Practitioners of Kyrgyzstan is a young Association, which turned 6 years old in 2023. Currently, the number of members of the Association is 37 people.

In 2023, the Association planned and carried out the following events:
🔸A wonderful trainer visited in Bishkek: training and supervising transactional analyst in the field of psychotherapy – TSTA (P), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Boris Volodin.
🔸The Association received an EATA grant to conduct Boris Volodin’s seminars, which happened thanks to our Association.
Boris Volodin conducted: 101 courses and thematic seminar “TA-approach to transference and countertransference in therapeutic relationships.”

🔸APTAC actively cooperates and is in relations with neighboring countries in relations with APTAC, which create Transactional Analysis, located in the Republic of Kazakhstan: ORTA and Almaty.

🍁 In 2023, APTAC began to actively cooperate with universities and educational psychologists. A meeting was held with the head of the psychology department of Ala-Too University (Ala-Too University teaches students in English).

🍁At the beginning of November 2024, the next Transactional Analysis conference is planned, which will be held at Ala-Too University. The speakers will be APTAC members who actively practice the Transactional Analysis modality.

🍁 Over the 6 years of development of Transactional Analysis in Kyrgyzstan, many outstanding trainers in the field of TA visited our country: Sylvia Schachner, Keith Tudor, Marco Mazzetti, Elena Soboleva, Dina Kononova, Boris Volodin and, of course, Anna Golovan. In 2021, the Association organized and conducted the Online School of Transactional Analysis, where the trainers were: Harry Gert, Sylvia Schachner, Elena Soboleva, Mari Peters.

We are passing the baton to Serbia!

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