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Hello and a wonderful “Grüß Gott” from Austria. We are the ÖGTA, the Austrian Association for Transactional Analysis. We are quite a small group founded in the 1980s (there have been a few other organizations before and there are a few besides), 49 members, but Austria isn´t that big country either.
Additionally there is a special legal situation. Regarding to this psychotherapists are not allowed to be in the some organization with consultants. Nevertheless we are quite active. In the covid years we did a lot TA focused Zoom Talks, which we called TA Talk with Zoom. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to visit our website: https://www.transaktionsanalyse.at/vergangene-veranstaltungen/

The event, we are especially proud of, will take place in October this year. In the beautiful city of Salzburg (you know, Mozart’s birthplace) we are hosting a TA Congress on the topic of leadership. “Kunststück Führung” – “Feat of leadership” is a typical congress with a keynote and many workshops.

You can also find the detailed program on our website: https://www.transaktionsanalyse.at/ta-kongress-kunststueck-fuehrung-13-okt-2023/

Perhaps you would like to do a short visit …

We pass the baton to Serbia.



Visit our web transaktionsanalyse.at

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