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Let’s meet and greet the Bulgarian Association of Transactional Analysis (BATA)!
It was founded by four enthusiastic people in June 2013. BATA is a professional non-profit organization made up of people who have shared an interest in transactional analysis as a theoretical model and its development in all four fields of application. BATA is a full member of the Bulgarian Psychotherapy Association, and transactional analysis is a recognized therapeutic modality in our country.
As a young organization, BATA’s primary goal is to promote the paradigm of transactional analysis in Bulgaria by organizing seminars, webinars, and conferences. The association also organized the translation and publication of two books on transactional analysis and a practical manual with TA’s primary constructs and tools. BATA is an active member of the Bulgarian Psychotherapy Association and maintains dialogue with other professional organizations of psychologists and psychotherapists in Bulgaria and with several universities. The leadership team of BATA is often invited as guest speakers to introduce TA as theory and practice to psychology students. The keywords that represent the association are competence, companionship, and autonomy.
We are passing the baton to Belgium!

Visit our web batanews.org

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