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Hi there! We are NVTA, the Dutch Association for TA. Our board has seven members. We want our association to be a lively marketplace where great meetings take place and where there is always something surprising to discover.

Characteristic of the NVTA are the “active workshops” (AW), organized a few times a year by members on a specific topic. As one of our members mentions: “I lately attended my first AW and realized that it is not only valuable to meet other TA-professionals but it is also inspiring to exchange our knowledge. I felt very welcome.” Another characteristic is that we always combine the annual general member meeting with activities and interesting speakers. Like our last meeting, when we had the honor of the online visit of Julie Hay. She talked with us about OK-ness. What also characterizes us is the “nieuwsflits”, with this we keep our members informed of news, articles, congratulations, etc.

We are proud of the congresses we have organized in recent years. These are professionally organized and there are inspiring speakers and workshops. So they are well attended. Not only by our own members. In addition, we are well connected to the TA magazine. Which is an online magazine in which articles are published on a variety of topics.

We have 416 members. Of these, 76 are general members. 248 members are engaged in multi-year training. The number of members working on CTA or having already obtained CTA is 59 and 33 members are PTSTA or TSTA. We focus on all four fields of work. We notice that organizational, educational and coaching have grown in recent years. Whereas the field of psychotherapy is declining somewhat.

What we would like to mention is that NVTA has invested a lot in professionalization in recent years and nowadays has a good basis to build on. For the coming year we will focus on getting to know the members and upgrading our website and thus our findability and visibility. In addition, we will keep memberships affordable so that as many people as possible can join.

We are passing the baton to Finland!


Visit our web nvta.nl

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