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Hello Europe!
Greetings from FinTA—the Finnish Association for Transactional Analysis!

FinTA was founded when a Finnish consulting company started to use TA and brought it to Finland. At the same time a drug rehab center in Finland took TA as their main frame of reference. The year was 1986.

During the early years we had international trainers from the US and Sweden.

Now our association is 37 years old. The number of our years is bigger than the number of our members. This tells a lot about the Finnish SISU: we carry on resiliently despite being small. Recent years we have seen a slight increase in membership numbers which we are happy about. Currently we have 2 PTSTA’s and one CTA, with more are on the way.

”TA and coffee” is a concept we are super proud of. We invite people to talk TA and drink coffee together. By the way, did you know, that Finns are one of the top coffee drinkers in the World. 😊

So we raise a toast with a cup of Coffee to TA and the European community. ☕😍

We pass the baton to our dear neighbour Sweden and to our more distant friends Croatia and Italy.

Visit our web finta.net

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