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Greetings from Ukraine! We are the Ukrainian Society of Transactional Analysis (USTA)!

This year we are already 309 and we plan to grow! We have an interesting and important history of development. The USTA was created just before the pandemic as a space for professional affiliation and development. We would like to tell you how the association has become a great support during the quarantine and, later, the full-scale war. Participation and belonging to our community gives hope, support and a sense of Home in difficult times. You can see all this in the pictures and photos on our collage. We have a President, a Delegate, Council, a Council of Trainers, an Ethics Committee, a Translation Committee, a Project Managers Committee, and a Journal Editorial Board. We publish a regular magazine “Dialogues of USTA”, in which we publish both news and professional articles. Every year we organize an international conference “USTA Invites Friends!”. We have many warm professional and collegial ties with many international TA communities and specialists. We have Honorary Members of the Community from all over the world! Powerful training process: currently, with the support of the USTA, there are more than 14 study groups of 202 courses conducted by TSTA, PTSTA trainers. We have CTAs in various fields and students preparing for international exams.

This year, 2023, with the support of the USTA and EATA, the General Meeting “Hugs of TA” for Ukrainians was held in Warsaw, where everyone who was separated by the war from colleagues and friends could get the warm contact they need now and immerse themselves in a professional environment. It was a powerful meeting of true collegial support! We are proud of each of our members and our events and activities! We invite you to join us! We are glad to see you!

We pass the baton to the associations of Austria and Germany!


Visit our web usta.org.ua

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