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The Croatian Association of Transactional Analysis (UTA) was established in 1998. Initially comprising a small group of around a dozen enthusiasts, it has now grown to include over 90 members. Throughout its existence, UTA has organised four notable international events: two Summer Schools (2010 and 2017), as well as two Outreach Programs (2013 i 2018).
The Summer Schools served as platforms for members of UTA and neighboring associations to convene, fostering learning and knowledge-sharing across various fields of TA. These events received support from EATA.
The Outreach Programs, alos supported by EATA, aimed to enhance the association’s visibility and generate interest in TA among professionals working in helping professions.
As of 2023, UTA boasts 2 TSTA’s, 3 PTSTA’s, and one CTA, all specializing in psychotherapy.
Throughout the years, UTA members have conducted TAPACY programs in different educational and social welfare settings.
In addition to regular meetings and occasional workshops, two recurring activities have become staples of UTA’s calendar: a spring gathering and a Christmas party. These get-togethers provide opportunities for members to connect and engage in a social setting.
One of the primary challenges UTA faces currently is aligning educational processes and the necessity of gaining practical work experience prior to taking CTA with the requirements stipulated by the new Croatian law on psychotherapy. The progress that is slow but still in process!

We are passing the baton to Slovenia!

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