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The DGTA exists since 1975 – and meanwhile, we have 2000 members! We organize an annual professional congress for our members and interested professionals, and in alternation two professional days of the application fields. We have committees such as the Training Committee, which organizes the annual Teaching Conference for our 125 teaching PTSTA’s and TSTA’s, as well as designing national certifications. We now have several national three-year certifications such as the Coach, Consultant, Educator, Supervisor, Mediator DGTA as the first step before CTA certification. We have an Ethics Committee, a Science Council, which, for example, is committed to collaborations with universities and presents science awards. In addition to our four application fields, we have a user board for cross-field contacts for new community members who are not yet members of application fields. Our members receive quarterly the Journal of Transactional Analysis with professional articles by german and international transactional analysts. For internal communication we have an Info-Editorial Team, which communicates all news of the association on a quarterly basis. Professional networks have been established on special topics such as TA and spirituality, animal-assisted TA, mediation. The pandemic has helped us become digital – a new committee, the Theory Group, regularly offers digital events. We are very happy about the engagement of our many members and our connection to the international TA community!

We are passing the baton to France.


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