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Slovenian Association of Transactional Analysis – Sloventa has integrated the fundamental Berne concept of ‘I am OK, you’re OK’ into its work.

Sloventa was established in 1995. Today, with 111 members, including 8 CTAs-P, 5 PTSTAs-P, 2 TSTAs-P, 1 STA-P and 34 CTA-P candidates, Sloventa encourages and develops the professional competencies of its members and other experts in Slovenia and Internationally.

Our mission is to bring together all people interested in TA professionally and for personal growth.

In addition, our goal is to develop TA in Slovenia, to support the community and provide psychological support to the association’s members.

The Sloventa Annual Professional Meeting, held for the ninth time this year, brings together TA professionals worldwide.

It is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience and networking that is a rich source of support for future TA therapists and professionals from other helping professions.

We ensure ongoing professional development by organizing various workshops with socially useful topics.

In the past year, for the first time, Sloventa organised CTA exams, which we are very proud of.

Sloventa is also a member of the Slovenian Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy (SKZP) and the EAP. In this spirit, its members are active in various working groups, such as the Refugee Working Group and the Working Group for the Development of a Psychotherapy Act, which is particularly important now.

We are passing the baton to the UK. 


Visit our web sloventa.si

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