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  • ITAA/EATA Webinar – “Stepping up Together. One World, Many Transactional Analysts, What will we do?”- Febr. 10, 2022

Dear member, 

We invite you to register for the next ITAA/EATA webinar which will be held on Thursday 10th February at UTC 07.00. 

Bengaluru (India – Karnataka) 12:30:00 IST
Berlin (Germany – Berlin) 08:00:00 CET
London (United Kingdom) 07:00:00 GMT
New York (USA – New York) 02:00:00 EST
San Francisco (USA – California) 11:00:00 PST

The next topic in our popular webinar programme is 

“Stepping up Together. One World, Many Transactional Analysts, What will we do?”

Our webinars began at the beginning of the world pandemic as a way of us coming together to share our experiences, hopes and fears.
We have been privileged to experience both the bringing together of a joint ITAA/EATA team and the tremendous joy of sharing experiences with members across the globe.
We have been challenged, stretched, surprised and touched by an encounter with each other.

Our next challenge moves beyond talking and sharing together, the question we ask is not what can we do but what will we do.

We are delighted that Elana Leigh, past President of ITAA, has accepted to lead us in discussion for this webinar. 
We became used to Elana’s potent manner in sharing her experience of social injustice and her passion for the importance of dialogue and making room for everyone’s voice.

We very much look forward to you joining us and again creating a rich discussion across our global community.

ITAA/EATA Webinar committee 



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