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President of EATA 1982 until 1984

In Villars, in July 1974, when I attended the first European TA Congress, I could not imagine that EATA would experience such growth and that I would later become one of the EATA Presidents.

During my presidency we started new committees, defined the job description of the officers, and engaged the first permanent administrative secretary in Rome in July ’83, Martine Bussat (who worked, later as Martine Huon, for EATA until 2005).

The European national TA associations have chosen to stay involved in ITAA and EATA. l am very glad we have reached this goal through a common attitude from the various Council members and a constant commitment in communicating, insuring cooperation and a will for mutual understanding. Frequent letters and phone calls as much as personal relationship created an atmosphere of confidence and a will to invest in mutual cooperation.

image017Having been elected to the Board of Trustees of ITAA in Summer ’82 was a great opportunity for me to work on continuing the good relations between ITAA and EATA, started by my predecessors.

That was even more necessary with the new issues around the BOC, the changes in the international scene (creation of US TAA, growth of ALAT, maturity of EATA willing to organize their own exams) and the generous attitude of ITAA.

Now we are at the eve of the 10th anniversary and the Villars Congress. I am about to leave the EATA Council as required by our statutes. I am very thankful to all those who contributed and still are involved in promoting EATA and, through that work, the image of TA on the national and international scenes.

Text taken from an article in the EATA Newsletter 1984

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