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President of EATA 1987 until 1989

It may seem strange that I choose a photo of an elephant to illustrate my time as EATA President – but within that role I negotiated the affiliation with ITAA, and because of that role I was invited to run for election, and became, ITAA President.

Because of that, I was able to persuade ITAA Board to accept an invitation to run a conference in India – and hence went riding astride the back of an elephant within a parade of 105 elephants all decked out in gold. Hence my EATA presidency lead directly to this highlight 😉

I recall how positive the relationships were between EATA and ITAA at that time – and I am proud of being the person who introduced the TAlent (the policy of giving discounts to those in economically disadvantaged areas of the world) to both organisations – and for which I thank Jenni & Mervyn Hine for the original idea.

I have chosen the second photo to illustrate my ongoing involvement in the TA community. Having been TSTA Organisational and Educational for many years, I went back as a student to complete the training and pass the EATA CTA Psychotherapy exam in 2014 – and I am now working on the Counselling CTA accreditation . . .

The jacket I am wearing is my ‘psychotherapist jacket’ that I knitted during the training to show that I can think about things other than TA 😉

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