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President of EATA 2010 until 2013

Inspiration for changes…:

I wanted to challenge and inspire Council members as well as all members to contribute to

  • Provide continuous professional service
  • Improve the services
  • Use the competencies in the “field”
  • Create transparent and safe processes
  • Create a space for projects, initiative and enthusiasm
  • Create a safe environment for you as delegates as well as people in charge

Therefore core functions of EATA are:

  1. To develop and maintain accreditation,
  2. The code of ethics and practice and
  3. To develop and maintain recognition of profession (e.g. research, publications, and conferences).

Based on the idea of cooperation, protection, permission and potency EATA started an organisational change processand all members were invited to take part.

Thanks to feedback and support of many people we achieved 2012 in Bucharest structural changes and changed the statutes.

Additional guidelines were transparency, clear definitions of roles, tasks, responsibilities and competencies

Results were:

  • New: TDRC – Theory development and research Committee
  • Chairs of TDRC, PTSC and COC are members of EATA who are chosen based on job and competence profiles
  • Projects were decided: trainers pool, check membership categories and their representation
  • The first pilot conference: Theory development and research
  • Ethic Advisor position outside Council – who is responsible for the development of procedures and protocols concerning Ethics
  • Budgeting according to projects…

We – the team of Executive Committee and EATA Council – are proud to have contributed to necessary changes.

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