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About 100 Transactional Analysts from European and non-European countries came together on the 28th of February on Zoom to show our commitment and support for the Ukrainian people and stand for peace!

The actual war is the most complex test during the last decades if we are able and willing to follow our ethical guidelines and principles.

That means:

  • No discount of reality and naming clearly what happens at the moment.
  • It is not acceptable for Transactional Analysts to support the war or other problem solving connecting with violence and aggression.
  • Independent any political situation we discuss and meet others in Ok/Ok position.

Our task as EATA is to consider the whole picture and support it on different levels.

That means:

  • The priority is at the moment by the Ukraine’s who suffer, and we have to take actions for their survival and protection as best as possible.
  • We see and acknowledge the pain of the Russian people who suffer because of broken relationships with their Ukrainian neighbors, friends, and relatives- it is essential to see that Russian people are not their government. Most of them do not want this war, do not participate in it, and have no chance to express their voice in their country.
  • We see that this war and aggression touches and affects all of us, and it is important to take our feelings and anxiety seriously.

For this, we will offer three different activities:

  • Regularly Zoom meetings as space for exchange and discussion
  • A platform for trainers who offer psychotherapy, supervision, crises management for free
  • Ideas on how to support help projects with money.
  • It is essential to be aware that this awful situation will stay present and have long-term effects. We have to find ways to keep energy for providing support instead of normalizing these not everyday things.

The Executive Committee will share the information as soon as we have reflected the chat messages of this meeting and organized the following concrete steps.
Peter Rudolph, Sylvia Schachner, Anna Krieb, Aleksandra Djuric, Elena Soboleva, Marianne Rauter, Mirjam te Slaa.


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