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  • XII Lavarone Seminar 30-31 August 2019


International Transactional Analysts for Childhood and Adolescence

Further details are specified in the registration form and can be found at the web-site www.versoitaca.it


Friday August 30

8.30 Welcoming and registration of the participants.

9.00 greetings from the authorities

9.15 opening of the convention

9.30 You’ll find the way walking
chairperson Ulrika Widén 

MADDALENA BERGAMASCHI: preparing the journey 

GLORIA BARALDI: From beneficence to the protection of rights. A journey in the history of health care. 

CESARE FREGOLA: Crossroads and paths in the teaching-learning relationships. 


11.00 break 

11.30 Traveling adolescents
chairperson Marco Mazzetti

ALESSANDRA PROSPERI: Seeing the top: the journey of the adolescent towards adulthood

ALICE ARDUIN and LUIGI CONTE: Sunny: a ghost or a body guard?

VERONICA MILINOVICH: Towards autonomy. The use of the “future tense” in the clinical work with a young adolescent.

11.30 In research
Chairperson Alessandra Pierini

CESARE TODESCATO: Adolescence and anxiety. the cognitive behavioral model

GIANCLAUDIO PLEBANI: Psychodynamic models

FABIO MARCONATO: the models based on attachment theory.


13.00 Showtime at the convention center.

 GABRIELE PENNER:  Milano roundtrip. the journey of an adolescent. 

13.30 Lunch break 

14.30 Rhapsody  

chairperson Giuseppe Cherri 

ALICE ARDUIN: The TA traveler 

BARBARA GIACOBBE: In search of the “lost Parent” existential journeys to create your own script and your own ethics in life. 

SILVIA MORETTO Sometimes they return 

ARMANDO LANOTTE: How to identify one’s role and feel stable in a fluid society. 

14.30 On the boarder  

chairperson Maddalena Bergamaschi 

ELENA MASSARDI: A journey in a room. Traveling in the mind of the therapist, losses and successes in the clinical setting. 

ALINA COMENDANT: Betwixt and Between in the life journey: liminal space in psychotherapy from TA perspective  

CATERINA PAOLINI: Departures. The logbook of a palliative psychologist. 

16.00 -break 

16,30 – 18  workshops in parallel sessions 

RAFFAELE MASTROMARINO: Parents and children: growing together 

BEATRICE PIERMARTINI and ANTONELLA LIVERANO: Between Scilla and Cariddi: the treatment of the envy of the narcissist patient. 

ROSSELLA PEDONE:Traveling always. Atelier of imagination. 

SARA FILANTI: the journey to create a fairy tale for and with children (and not only) in therapy. 

MAURO FACCIOLI: A journey from me to us, with music. 

20.30 Reader’s corner conducted by GIULIA RICCI and CESARE TODESCATO 

Saturday August 31 

9.00  The adventure of growing 

chairperson Simona Ramella 

STEFANO MORENA: A child and his swallow 

MARCO MAZZETTI: Traveling alone or o in the community? Adolescence, solitude and social pain 

GIUSEPPE CHERRI:The adaptive value of the personality disorder. 


11.00 break  

11.30 Travel friends  

chairperson Milly De Micheli 

MAURIZIO MARTUCCI:  Interspecific relationships: human-dog 

GIULIA RICCI: Traveling hand in hand with a little warrior. 

SELENE MARTIN:The paper compass 

ULRIKA WIDEN:the journey of Psyche, the journey of the soul:a  glimpse of  a contemporary show. 


13.30 lunch break 

14.30 workshops in parallel sessions 

ALESSANDRA PIERINI: Journey and history in the construction of the Person 

MARCO SAMBIN: Journey in art with El Greco 

ULRIKA WIDEN and CORRADO NIELI: The hero’s journey with Dixit cards. The creation of a story. 

MONICA GUARISE: From the Child of the parent to the New Parent and his/her Child 

16 Break 

16.30  workshops in parallel sessions

ELEONORA ADDONIZIO:  Script on the skin 

CLARA BATTISTI and ANNA SETTANNI: Silence and intimacy curing children  

TATJANA GJURKOVIĆ:  Integrating play therapy and transactional analysis: when Hippo is  

frightened, he bites. 

MARIALISA ERMINI, BENEDETTA FANI and FABRIZIO TIEZZI:The journey of the child, through the Music.  

18.00 conclusion of the convention 

Sunday September 1st 

9.00 – 13.00 Supervision 

Groups led by da TSTA e PTSTA ’s 



VENUE: Congress Centre of Lavarone Fraz. Gionghi (Trento)

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