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  • EATA-Staf Summer School, Gothenburg, May16-17th 2020

Curious about co-creative TA?

Join the Summer School in Gothenburg and explore the challenges and rewards of putting co-creative TA into practice!

Co-creative transactional analysis focus on developing a present centred relationship between two or more people. Building on field theory, it suggests that the relational field generated in these interactions is more than the sum of the parts generating it. Co-creative transactional analysis was developed by Graeme Summers and Keith Tudor, who published an article in the Transactional Analysis Journal in 2000.

Workshops led by:

Traian Bossenmayer PTSTA – O.

Berit Fahlen PTSTA – P.

Bev Gibbons PTSTA – P.

Nicole Kabisch. PTSTA – C.

Paul Robinson PTSTA – E.

James Sweeney PTSTA – P

For full information, registration and details, visit this link 
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson

Organized by the Svenska Transaktionsanalytiska Föreningen, STAF

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