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Commission of Certification

COMMISSION OF CERTIFICATION COC (Commission of Certification) – is making exams all over Europe by (co-) organizing them, sending observers to every exam, evaluating the process and stimulating and implementing improvements. Members of COC Chairperson of the COCChristoph Seidenfuscoc.chair@eatanews.org COC Supervising examinerPatrizia Vinellacoc.supervising.examiner@eatanews.org Chairperson PTSCCathy McQuaidptsc.chair@eatanews.org Regular membersBernard GenteletMayke WagnerTin VanderhoevenValérie CioncaNikki Millard Exam AdministratorAlina Comendantcoc.exam.administrator@eatanews.org

Language Coordinators

EATA LANGUAGE COORDINATORS DutchSander Reinaldacoc.dutch.lc@eatanews.org  EnglishRebbeca Daviescoc.english.lc@eatanews.org  French Eric Bittarcoc.french.lc@eatanews.org   GermanPeter Bremickercoc.german.lc@eatanews.org   ItalianSimonetta Caldaronecoc.italian.lc@eatanews.org   RomanianNicoleta Gheorghe coc.romanian.lc@eatanews.org   ScandinavianSabine Blumenstein coc.scandinavian.lc@eatanews.org   Serbian Petra Gorsic coc.serbian.lc@eatanews.org    Croatian Petra Gorsic coc.croatian.lc@eatanews.org   Spanish José Manuel Martínez coc.spanish.lc@eatanews.org Multiple Languages*Natalia Berrio-Andrade coc.multiple.lc@eatanews.org  *The Language Coordinator Multiple Languages will accept the written exams from those who are writing their exam in English but for whom […]

ITAA Exams

To be an examiner for an ITAA/IBOC exam: Examiners must be at least a CTA for a CTA exam or a TSTA for a TSTA exam, they must also be a member of EATA or ITAA.To arrange to take an ITAA exam (IBOC) please submit your application etc via the ITAA website, see https://itaaworld.com/certification-in-ta/More information about IBOC exams (www.itaaworld.org ) Some important […]

Procedure for applying and running EATA TA Examinations

PROCEDURE The President/Chair of the National association (or the delegate officer) applies in writing to the Chair of CoC chair@eatanews.org requesting to hold examinations and giving the date and place that has been chosen. He/she also specifies whether it is intended to hold both CTA and TSTA exams or just CTA. This needs to be at least 12 monthsbefore the date […]

Exam Process / Taking Exams

TAKING THE CTA EXAM For full details please see the Handbook on the website. When you and your Primary Supervisor agree you are ready to go forward to take your CTA exam the first part is the Written exam. This must be submitted to the Language Coordinator (LC) for your language group. The exception here is if you are a member […]

Exams Calendar / Call for Examiners

We support and organise exams for all levels of certification in Europe: CTA, CTA Trainer and TSTA COC Calendar We support and organise exams for all levels of certification in Europe: CTA, CTA Trainer and TSTA.  Professionally and ethically the challenge is to organise exams that let the candidates grow and have an as objective as possible process. Sometimes that […]

Structure of Exams Fees

Exams fees All completed and signed contracts are to be sent as PDFs via email to Marianne Rauter in the EATA office, address: office@eatanews.org Bank Account:Sparkasse Bodensee Marktstätte 1 78462 Konstanz. GermanySWIFT-BIC SOLADES1KNZ IBAN DE29690500010001102789

EATA Training and Examination Handbook 2024

EATA Training and Examination Handbook This manual contains all the information regarding the requirements / rules / forms and guidelines related to TA training and TA examinations in all the four fields. The official language of EATA is English it is the English handbook which contains the “official” version of the handbook. The English Handbook and supplements: From time to time […]

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