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President of EATA 2004 until 2007

It was a search for understanding that fortunately brought me to the TA river in 1971.

I wanted to understand why people behaved in different ways, often strange ways. I needed a model to understand the complexities of human behaviour. And since that time my personal and professional life was closely connected to TA.

In 2004 I became President of EATA at a time when the Statutes and the Ethical codes were updated and changed to permit more autonomy and robustness.

image049I was excited to launch the “out reach” programmes to enable TA to be vitalised in countries where TA was just beginning or where early TA initiatives could be enhanced and made more robust with the presence of EATA. Our number of national associations was growing and growing.

I loved being more engaged with the International TA community and was dedicated to doing all I could to keep the TA rivers flowing freely and strongly, and encouraging new streams to come and join us.

I enjoy giving keynote speeches and workshops at international conferences, and doing what I can to inspire the growth and development of TA especially in the ecological and spiritual dimensions. It matters to me that TA keeps growing and developing in response to new learning and research and that it is seen as a significant contributor alongside other modalities.

I have always identified myself as a teacher rather than a writer, I love teaching because the material we are learning flows organically as it is co-created with the student

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