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Good afternoon, dear colleagues.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus has influenced various parts of our life. The process and consequences of it will remain in our stories for a long time.

The main value that we have confirmed in practice is that it is important to unite and give as much resources as you are ready to give at the moment. Contribution of everyone is important.

The Ukrainian Transactional Analysis Association collected information on the activities of certified specialists and the activities of UATA branches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hanna Yavorska (TSTA (p), PhD, Ukraine) prepared and conducted online events for specialists in this field on a volunteer basis. Because of the quarantine, most teachers and educators of preschools, parents and children experienced significant stress. Anna comments:

“We understand that we can provide emotional and informational support to teachers and parents. The situation of isolation and the forced transition of common education to a distance learning shocked people. Teachers, educators and children came under great pressure because of the quarantine. Therefore, I decided to provide online support in four schools and preschools of Ukraine as soon as possible. I introduced them to the theory of stress, the Kubler-Ross loss loop, as well as the theory of passivity by  J. Schiff, multilateral contracts by F. English. I believe that the Ukrainian Association of Transactional Analysis is very strong and the organization’s specialists can support people in difficult times. “

Serhii Mordyushenko (President of UATA, CTA (p), PhD, Ukraine), Hanna Yavorska (TSTA (p), PhD, Ukraine) and Anna Abanina (CTA (p), PhD, Ukraine) conduct online lectures on TA practice on a volunteer basis for students of Ukrainian universities, Kyiv.

Serhii Mordyushenko said: “Unfortunately, Ukraine has experience of being in stressful situations since the times of Maidan in 2014. That’s why UATA was ready to support students-psychologists of higher educational institutions of Ukraine when the quarantine started. We consider it necessary to share the experience of our TA-practice in dealing with stressful situations. “

Halyna Kachur (CTA (p)) organized an online support group for Health Care professionals. Galina commented:

“The group will work as much as it is necessary. At least, the whole period of quarantine. “

Olena Lysenko (CTA (p)) translated and disseminated materials from American colleagues who provide recommendations for supporting children and adults with autism spectrum disorders in a pandemic. Elena also held 2 free meetings in supporting CTA candidates.

Yaroslav Ivanchyshyn, the head of the Lviv branch, announced a list of specialists who are ready to provide free consultations for people in case of requesting.

Valentina Zakharchenko (CTA (p)) continues to organize an intervision group for professional support of colleagues with an emphasis on activities in conditions of coronavirus. Valentina made a series of publications on social networks with the psychological support of clients and subscribers, to motivate them in the quarantine. And she also provides free consultations for clients who cannot pay for a meeting because of the quarantine.

Victoria Starchenko (CTA (p)) said that the Kremenchug branch has launched a project to help doctors and medical staff who are at risk for the COVID-19 virus. Letters with offers from psychologists to medical institutions and local authorities have been sent out.

We thank all the specialists for their involvement, for your work, for the activities you carry out every day. Everyone’s contribution is important and valuable for the development of society and its support.

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