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What exactly is a school in TA? Ideas differ about that, though there is some consensus based on (Barnes, 1977): “A TA School is a number of people under a common personal influence, who have a common theoretical point of view and use the same clinical method. A school can be identified by its unique leadership, canon and group culture“.


In a free downloadable TA magazine we have asked representatives of 5 schools to share their experiences and ideas. This resulted in 5 coherent and clear articles about the history and development of Transactional Analysis. We thought also to ask Keith Tudor to share the story of the co-creational approach. You can download, read and let us know the answer that you give on the following questions: 
What is a TA school for you, how do you work with TA and how important is it? And what significance does the evolved history have for your daily practice?


Beatrijs Dijkman, chief editor TA magazine Netherlands badijkman@gmail.com

Get the free download here www.professioneelbegeleiden.nl/tamagazine


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