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EATA Webinar Series 2024, TA- Best Practice – 5 March

This event will be focused on working with children and teachers, we have three interesting speakers who are passionate about their subject This webinar will cover three interconnected topics related to working with children and adolescents. Alina Comendant will present her ideas about “Interventions of strengthening the Child ego state when working with children”- that she reached as conclusions after […]

Sex and…then? Sexuality as a gateway to the Script – EATA Webinar Series – 8 Jan 2024 

Alessandra Braga (TSTA P), Roberta Musso (TSTA P), Simona Ramella Paia (TSTA P) The topic of sexuality was introduced by Berne in his work but then forgotten in subsequent scientific publications. In the training programs of graduate schools limited space is given to sexology. Our working hypothesis proposes sexuality as an important foundation of the life script. From the moment […]

4th International Online Conference “USTA Is Welcoming Friends” – “The Unbreakable Power of Life” / 9-10th Feb. 2024

Dear colleagues and friends! On the 9th and 10th of February 2024, we invite you to take part in the Fourth International Online Conference “USTA Is Welcoming Friends” on the theme “The Unbreakable Power of Life” The USTA International Conference is an annual event that has already become a good tradition, bringing together supporters of the Transactional Analysis method around […]

EATA/ITAA – Working Together webinar – 15 February

Geoff Hopping will talk to us about Recovering Hope through Community, he will invite us to reflect with questions on this topic. Recovering Hope Through Community Originally TA was developed as a group therapy. During my career, the availability of TA therapy groups has diminished significantly. There has been a cultural shift towards individualism away from community, and this approach […]

EATA/ITAA – Working Together webinar – The power of potency and the potency of power. Nicole Lenner. 10 Jun 2024

Shortly before my TSTA exam in 2023, a friend of mine, who isn’t involved in TA said:
“Oh, so you will be among the very powerful people in your community afterwards!?”
My very spontaneous reaction: “No, I don’t see it this way.”
And she replied: “People on top of hierarchical systems own power whether they like it or not.” Do you also catch […]

EATA Webinar – Social Responsibility – October 14, 2022

Dear EATA members We would like to welcome you to the 5th in the series of free EATA webinars. We are thrilled to have three fantastic speakers talking on the subject of Social Responsibility – Geoff Hopping, Sylvia Schachner and Leonard Campos London 18.00 – 20.00 BST 19.00- 21.00 CET 20.00- 22.00 EET 21.00 – 23.00 FET It will be translated […]

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