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Meet TAAG – Georgia

გამარჯობა – Gamarjoba (Hello) from Georgia! We are Georgians, and therefore we are Europeans! Let us introduce TAAG – the Transactional Analysis Association of Georgia. TAAG was established in December 2020, in a difficult time when Covid-19 raged all over the world. It is a professional non-profit organization consisting of the people who have shared an interest in Transactional Analysis […]

Meet UKATA – United Kingdom

Hello from the UK We are the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA). Next year UKATA will be celebrating 50 years of providing a focus and a sense of belonging to all those people in the UK who are interested in, studying and/or practicing Transactional Analysis. We have over 1000 members mainly drawn from the field of Psychotherapy, and […]

Meet TADO – Kazakhstan

Hello, we are from Kazakhstan! We are the Organization for the Development of Transactional Analysis (TADO)! With 91 current members, we are steadily expanding our community! Celebrating 5 years of thriving existence, our journey began with the idea taking shape in late 2017, and we officially registered on May 22, 2018. TADO’s primary goal is to disseminate knowledge on transactional […]

Meet APTAC – Kyrgyzstan

APTAC – Association of Transactional Analysis Practitioners of Kyrgyzstan is a young Association, which turned 6 years old in 2023. Currently, the number of members of the Association is 37 people. In 2023, the Association planned and carried out the following events:A wonderful trainer visited in Bishkek: training and supervising transactional analyst in the field of psychotherapy – TSTA (P), […]

Meet CATA – Czech Republic

Greetings to everyone from the heart of Europe from ČATA (Czech Association of Transactional Analysis). We are a small professional organization that primarily brings together TA enthusiasts. We were founded in 1994, just 5 years after the fall of communism in our country. Since then we have celebrated many successes. We hosted the EATA conference in 2010 in Prague, in […]

Meet ATAD – Turkey

Merhaba (Hello) from Turkey! We are ATAD, which is the Turkish acronym of The Eurasian Association of Transactional Analysis. Being just 14 years of age (founded 2009), we are the adolescents of the community and as you would expect we are full of youth, energy and enthusiasm.   The initial aim was to bring together a community of practitioners who had […]

President’s notes September 2023

President’s note regarding the finalization of an organisational complaint process in the context of the publication of the revised handbook – September 2023 In the context of the publication of the revised handbook 2022/23, Relevant, controversial, and at times very polarizing and emotional discussions have been conducted in diverse meetings with differing groups of colleagues. As one consequence an organisational […]

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