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The Italian Association of Transactional Analysis – AIAT, was founded by Carlo Moiso and Michele Novellino in 1976, and was one of the first TA associations to be present in Italy.
AIAT is a non-profit cultural association made up of people (more than 500 members) who share an interest in Transactional Analysis as a theoretical model, in various fields of application. The members of the board and the various commissions deal with specific areas, in particular: ethics, communication, internal and external (including international) relations, research, quality for training.
AIAT organizes training (theoretical and research) and promotional events with the aim of promoting the evolution, scientific recognition and dissemination of the theoretical model in Italy, also through the spreading of its own magazine “NEOPSICHE”.
AIAT is characterized by a continuous dialogue with the other national TA associations and by the constant interest in collaborating with other national realities.
The keywords that represent the association are: Cohesion, Intimacy, Okness.

We are passing the baton to Bulgaria!

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