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President of EATA 1993 until 1996

What I remember most vividly from my time as EATA President (1993 to l996) is the joy and friendship of working with so many people from so many countries and cultures.

EATA faced serious challenges just as I started near bankruptcy!!! Erich Hartmann, dear friend (and Treasurer) are you there?

There followed over a year of angst and pain as EATA and ITAA separated: a hard time for all. But this memory is easily mellowed by many more of rich experiences of productive meetings, splendid cooperation on the EATA Council and committees, the fun of international conferences, and the delight of being at the heart of EATA’s working life.

image033This was a period during which EATA welcomed new members from Eastern Europe, and I was given the opportunity to visit and to work in some of these exciting places.

In Russia this developed into an eight year programme, and I also made a long term working connection with Lithuania and Slo- venia. I feel blessed and so fortunate to have been presented with so many opportunities, and to have met and become friends with TA people from all around the world.

I worked hard as President, and the work often meant a long working day both at home and during meeting times, and necessitated extra time away from family and I loved it all! Thank you EATA.

In the years that have followed I have watched proudly as EATA has continued to thrive and to develop. EATA is certainly a living working demonstration of ‘TA in action’.

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