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President of EATA 1980 until 1982

As the Gouldings arranged our first conference in Villars, a group of people in Europe had already invested in starting TA in Europe, and in the coming years we all invested in forming EATA.

I joined TA at the very first conference in Europe, held in Villars in 1975. I signed my training contract with Shea Schiff and became a dedicated Cathexis School trainee for years, with Richard Erskine and Marge Reddington as secondary sponsors. Others signed  contracts  with  the founders of other Schools of TA, and we all enjoyed, shared and appre- ciated different views and schools of TA.

So together we were the 1. generation TA trainees in Europe and were lucky to learn from, get to know personally, and get training from almost all the members of the Eric Berne San Fransisco seminar. The members formed ITAA, and we all joined. They continued to travel to all countries in Europe offering training and supporting the growth of TA. We owe them much love, thanks and gratitude.

With the knowledge, energy and commitment we all invested in those important years we adopted and maintained a consciousness of the importance of OK ness. Let´s always share goodness, love and peace from our little TA corner of the world.

Warm  love  and  congratulation EATA with your 40th  anniversary!

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