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President of EATA 1999 until 2001

During my presidency I was for some time also president of the German TA association DGTA and it was one of my foci to improve and facilitate the co-operation between EATA and its members (and the other multinational organizations (ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) and WPTA (Western Pacific Transactional Analysis Association)).

The sense of belonging and respecting each other with the TA philosophy of I’m O.K. you’re O.K. was more difficult on the organizational level than on the personal level. So it needed constant practice and I enjoyed the many inter- national contacts I was able to have in this time.

image041A real challenge were some ethical complaints in member organizations, where it became clear, that EATAs role was not defined good enough.

This was the beginning of the new ethic code with clear definitions of responsibilities and procedures. It was developed over years with the help of many individuals and organizations from different countries in many discussions to the current status.

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