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  • Sex and…then? Sexuality as a gateway to the Script – EATA Webinar Series – 8 Jan 2024 

Alessandra Braga (TSTA P), Roberta Musso (TSTA P), Simona Ramella Paia (TSTA P)

The topic of sexuality was introduced by Berne in his work but then forgotten in subsequent scientific publications. In the training programs of graduate schools limited space is given to sexology.

Our working hypothesis proposes sexuality as an important foundation of the life script.

From the moment we are conceived our body, even before our mind, is recognized, cared for, caressed and becomes our first instrument of relationship (Berne, 1961).

The body in which deep memories are woven, often unspoken, serves as the structuring element of one’s personhood. Fundamental in this view are the attribution of meanings, the narratives that each person makes about himself and the other, and the situation describing his or her own script.

Very often in therapy rooms, sexuality remains on the sidelines for investigations more related to social and rational dynamics. Giving sexuality a specific light in transactional analytic work, in its intra and inter-psychic process, fosters a new Physis in people.

Recovering the historical roots of the role of this theme in TA, the workshop proposes sexuality as an element characterizing the script and the script protocol.

A theoretical-practical methodology in which projective exercises will be proposed, allowing a work of co-construction of the current evolutions of sexuality in TA.

The focus on physiological sexuality that characterizes elements of Script will enable the setting up of new analytic therapeutic work.


Timings are:

18.00 – 20.00 BST
19.00- 21.00 CEST
20.00- 22.00 EEST

Date and Time

Mon, 8 Jan 2024 18:00 - 20:00 BST


To be announced

Our four esteemed speakers are:

Luca Fornari


Luca Fornari (PTSTA-O) has a specific interest and experience in intercultural approaches to team development. As a consultant and coach, he supports the development of intercultural mindsets in organisations, such as in accompanying cross-cultural Mergers and Acquisitions and with multicultural teams. He is motivated by the opportunity for growth and discovery offered by encountering different (cultural) frames of reference. Luca grew up in ‘hybrid’ cultural contexts from an early age: both his parents, Italian and Irish, grew up in Tanzania. He has a MA in intercultural approach to social management (Bicocca – Milan), attended the Intercultural Communication Institute (Portland) and worked for five years with the Intercultural Development Research Institute. He worked for several years as an intercultural counsellor and coach with refugees and expatriate managers.

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