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  • EATA/ITAA Webinar – June 10, 2021: Issues of race, difference and intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy

The EATA/ITAA Webinar Committee cordially invites you to a Webinar in which you will meet with colleagues from within and beyond the Transactional Analysis global community. Dwight Turner, an activist, writer and public speaker on issues of race, difference and intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy will open this event and talk to us for the first 15 minutes.

We wish to open dialogue regarding:

The Complexity of Identity through an intersectionality lens.
Based on (un-)conscious majority images of identity that are related to mainstream and social power we realize that identity differs in many sections. This difference often is linked with a lack of social power. How do we as transactional analysts deal with this identity question?

“Somewhere, on the edge of consciousness, there is what I call a mythical norm, which each one of us within our hearts knows “that is not me.” In America, this norm is usually defined as white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian, and financially secure. It is with this mythical norm that the trappings of power reside within society. Those of us who stand outside that power often identify one way in which we are different, and we assume that to be the primary cause of all oppression, forgetting other distortions around difference, some of which we ourselves may be practicing. A. Lorde, (1995)

Following Dwight’s thoughts we will, in conversation, examine our intersectional identities and how power exists between the norm and the other, both within and without.

The event will take place on Thursday 10th June at 10.00 am UK London time (GMT +1) / 11.00 am (Paris, Berlin: GMT +2), .

ITAA – EATA Webinar Committee

Elana Leigh, President ITAA
Peter Rudolph, President EATA
Deepak Dhananjaya
Leilani Mitchell
Steff Oates
Kristýna Tomanová

Personal Biography – Dr Dwight Turner

Dr Dwight Turner is Senior Lecturer within the School of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Brighton, lecturing on their PG Dip and MSc courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a PhD Supervisor at their Doctoral College, a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. His latest book Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy was released in February 2021 and is published by Routledge. An activist, writer and public speaker on issues of race, difference and intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy, Dr Turner can be contacted via his website www.dwightturnercounselling.co.uk and can be followed on Twitter at @dturner300 .


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