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  • EATA Online General Assembly 2021 July 15 – Agenda

  1. Dear EATA members,

    if not yet done: there still is the opportunity to register for EATA general assembly 2021 via the link:

    General Assembly 2021 will take place on Thursday, 15th of July, from 6.00 to 7.00 pm (CEST),  by Zoom

    You are invited to attend, with the following agenda:

    1. Welcomes and presentation of officers
    2. Vote: Approval of the minutes: General Assembly 2020 online (Attachment 1)
    3. President’s report 
    4. Treasurer’s report 
    5. Report of internal auditor
    6. Vote: Acceptance of accounts / to give release to Council and Officers
    7. Vote: Proposal for changes in the Statutes:
    Change of statutes regarding extending the president´s term – ARTICLE 10 (Attachment 2)
    9. COC Silver medals
    10. Any other business
    11. Results of voting
    12. Good-byes

    We kindly ask you to read the following instructions carefully, in order to help us to prepare and manage the event smoothly.

    1) Registration process:

    For us to plan the event, we ask you to register for the event through this link:
    Register to EATA General Assembly 2021
    no later than June 30, 2021

    2) Participation and voting:
    Closer to the date you will receive 

  • an invitation link to participate, as we will use the zoom online meeting platform for hosting the event. You can download the application for free, (https://www.zoom.us) and
  • an invitation link to vote, as we will use a specific, legally reliable and secure platform for the online voting (https://www.tedme.com)

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our General Assembly Meeting 2021.

Peter Rudolph | EATA President                                                                  

Uta Höhl | EATA General Secretary


Download Attachment includes:

Agenda / Attachment 1: Minutes EATA General Assembly 2020 / Attachment 2: Proposal Statutes Changes General Assembly 2021 


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