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Dear participants of EATA Summer School in Bishkek, 


Unfortunately, because of the situation with coronavirus and restrictions in different countries, the organizing committee made a difficult decision to postpone the event.

After talking with the trainers and studying the forecasts, the next date was decided on 1st-3rd of May 2021. The trainer’s staff remains the same: Harry Gerth (TSTA-O); Marij Peeters (TSTA-C); Sylvia Schachner (TSTA-E); Elena Soboleva (TSTA-P).
The organizing committee decided to return the fees to all participants, and to collect again next year. It is possible that the cost of participation for the next year will be revised, taking into account the economic situation.
The event is voluntary on the part of the organizers and trainers, so the price increase will not be connected with anyone else’s income, but only with the payment of all necessary expenses. For those who wish, we can offer the option to leave the payment, in which case the price for these people does not increase. For those who were a member of APTAK this year, the opportunity to participate at the lowest price for APTAK members for next year will remain. To return the funds, please get in touch with your contact person from the organizing committee. Funds will be returned after cancellation of restrictions.
the Organizing Committee of the 
EATA-APTAK Summer School 2020-2021

Workshops led by:

Harry Gerth

Dr. Sylvia Schachner

Elena Soboleva

Marij Peeters

For full information, registration and details, visit this link 
Organized by EATA-APTAK

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