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COC News Flash 4. Working to support exams

Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the COC News Flash. We hope you are all coping well with the challenges we are all facing throughout the world. We wish to update you on sorne important things of relevance far the system of TA examinations throughout Europe.  Christine Chevalier Read pdf English

COC News Flash 3. Will we have exams online?

Dear Colleagues, I hope everything is going well for you in your country … in France we are starting to be able to walk up to 100 kilometers from his home … This is the 3rd Newsflash – thank you very much Christine Chevalier Read pdf English

COC News Flash 2. Important information regarding the examination processes.

Dear Colleagues, A situation like the present where change and stand-still are happening simultaneously is something none of us have experienced before. It presents us with the challenge to master our uncertainties and to come to terms with new routines. While we were working on this second edition of the COC News Flash, the decision was made to cancel the exams […]

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