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EATA Conferences

EATA is organizing conference every three years in cooperation with one or more affiliated associations. On this conferences we would like to offer to participants possibility to gain TA knowledge, share best practices, share new ideas, to meet each other and have fun.

WORLD Conferences

Every three years ITAA and EATA are organizing World conference together in cooperation with local TA community.


EATA is organizing Theory Development and Research Conference every three years in cooperation with one or more affiliated associations. These conferences are opportunity for sharing new ideas in TA theory, presenting work of TA researchers and meet with colleagues.


EATA is supporting affiliated associations in organizing Summer/Winter schools. Purpose is to promote the TA theory, practice and education in four fields of TA. Affiliated associations have possibility to get this support every five years by applying to European Connection Committee.


The EATA Outreach Programme is offered by the EATA Executive Committee to people in countries in Europe where there is no TA association, to help establish a national TA association; and in order to stimulate existing TA associations to further growth. Affiliated associations can apply for Outreach Program to General Secretary of EATA. Each year EATA is organizing Outreach program in one country, usually in the begining of November.

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