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  • The first “Training Endorsement Workshop“ held at Villars

The first ever Training Endorsement Workshop (years before had existed so called “PTM-work- shops” to train the coming generation of „Teaching members” and after those were no longer organized trainees had to have 3 sponsors (instead of one) to make sure they were duely trained and supervised) took place in Villars in 1984 and was an impressive event with 6 staff members and around 41 participants.

1. Marilyn Zalcman, US
2. Pearl Drego, India
3. Oswald Summerton, India
4. Vann Joines, US
5. Margret Turpin, UK
6. Carlo Moiso, Italy
18. Salomon Nazielski, Belgium

7. Ian Stewart, UK
8. Ilse Brab, Germany
9. Gerrit Heesters, Netherlands
10. Martha Huesgen-Adler, Germany
11. Mario Salvador, Spain
12. Antoinette de Mol, Belgium
13. Nelly Micholt, Belgium
14. Angelika Gloeckner, Germany
15. Toni Fuchs, Switzerland
16. Jenny Hine, Switzerland
17. Tommy Kvarnlöf, Sweden
19. Jan Hennig, Germany
20. Gerhard Springer, Austria
21. Werner Rautenberg, Germany
22. Hans Bergström, Sweden
23. Lasse Ahnby, Sweden
24. Maarten Kouwenhoven, Netherlands
25 .Marijke Arendsen-Hein, Netherlands
26. Erika Stern, Netherlands
27. Gianni Fortunato, Italy
28. Anna Rotondo, Italy
29. Adrienne Lee, UK
30. Ann Waters, UK
31. Diana Shmuckler, South Africa
32. Susanna Ligabue, Italy
33. Hans Jellouschek, Germany


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